Linux/OSX graphical assistant for 3G connections, developed by Warp Networks

What is wader

Wader is a 3G communications software (GPL licensed), consisting of:

  • wader-core : a fork of the core of Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux , with some of its parts rewritten and improved to be able to interact via freedesktop's D-BUS with other applications of the Linux/OSX desktop. The core can be extended through plugins that allow it to support more devices and distros.
  • wader-gtk : a simple user interface in GTK+, decoupled from core using D-BUS methods and signals.
  • wader-doc : Wader API and documentation for how to add plugins, plus some examples of its API.

supported devices

frequently asked questions

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After installing the required packages you can start it with the command


wader-gtk will in turn start the core and you will be presented with a simple screen to connect to the Internet, send/receive SMS, managing contacts, etc.

wader-core / D-BUS

The DBus API implements the ModemManager API. Click here for the API.



click here and select from the drop down menu your distro (Hardy, Intrepid or Jaunty) and follow the instructions.

Fedora & OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE and Fedora repositories


Wader 0.3 includes preliminary support for OSX! No UI and no dialup for now See it in action .