Free Graphic Design Courses for Students

If you want to become successful, you should devote a lot of time to personal and professional development. If you consider a career change and want to try your hand at a creative industry, you can discover free design courses that share the basic principles of web design and even UI / UX design if you are curious enough. If you are a creative person, then even superficial knowledge of different spheres can become a perfect impetus to your career development. Anyway, the modern world requires staying on top of current trends and learning new things every day. So, if you're ready to learn something new, free online courses will come in handy and help you get whether you want to move in this direction.


It is an international platform with 1000+ free training courses. There are many interesting courses on any topic: marketing, web design, programming, lifestyle, science. If you want to find out new things instead of doing your homework, you can use a specialized service theunitutor. One of the coolest things is that it doesn’t matter what skill level you have since you can still find something useful and interesting. A rookie can become familiar with the crucial principles of graphic design, and an advanced specialist can try their hand at performing practical tasks. The course is “user-friendly” since it is presented in the form of a slideshow. The main drawback is that you will have to watch an in-built ad every time you start a new topic. A course itself is free, but if you are interested in getting a certificate, you will have to pay.

Coursera: Fundamentals of Graphic Design

It is a world-famous resource of online courses from leading universities and companies. The first part of this course is devoted to the topic of creating images with your hands. It will be helpful to find out about many unique imaging techniques that compete with clipart and stock photography. In the third part of the course, the author will show how to work with the object, changing its texture, dimensions, etc. And if you want to successfully pass the trial period on Coursera and receive their diploma for free instead of wasting your time on essay writing, it is better to turn to essaypro.

Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design

This course includes numerous themes, for example, the five main principles of design or how to look at the design from a new angle. The main goal of the course is to provide their listeners with practical knowledge and a full understanding of the crucial principles of well-tailored design. If you just start your journey, you can do even without specific knowledge to immerse yourself in the topic. As soon as you will understand the basics, you can move on to some other courses on this subject that are also available on the site for free. Use the search filter to find free courses, and if you are still looking for a reliable academic helper to make time for a graphic design course, pay attention to review.

Canva Design School

The course consists of 12 video lessons. The main topics of the course: mood board, fonts, color, alignment, etc. Each lesson of the course contains a video and exercises that are suggested to do in the Canva editor. Canva is a collection of editable templates, millions of stock images, fonts, and illustrations. The in-built editor allows you to create a new design or edit a ready-made template.
The lessons can be useful for beginners who have little experience and want to learn the basics of graphic design.