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If Seneca is writing this blog, he might say at the beginning that luck is what happens when you are ready to meet an opportunity. But will we definitely agree? Yes or not, it depends on your perception of superstition. In gambling culture, lucky charms are a necessity, and players rarely do not have lucky charms. Whether in Western culture or Eastern culture, popular gambling lucky charms will create an aura of trust in higher power, allowing sacred support to reach players and create opportunities. Chinese good luck symbols are used for gambling. We have collected 15 popular Chinese lucky objects brought by people in the game, and we hope they can bring them good luck. Which Chinese Lucky Symbols are most suitable for gamers? shape. From emperor dragons and golden lucky cat statues to red envelopes, these good luck symbols have been used in everything from luck enhancers in games to healing and accompaniment for various feng shui applications. But what is the really effective Chinese symbol of good luck? According to tradition, everyone does this. As we all know, Chinese symbols (especially Feng Shui) are deeply rooted in Chinese history and culture and have important meanings and strong purposes. Life, family and workplace. They are known for restoring stagnant energy and boosting positivity, while acting as healers and protectors. The power of these symbols also surpasses crafts such as games (dare we call them crafts?) and serve those who play games. Do you want to know what Chinese lucky symbols to look for when playing games? Organize your game terms and view these 15 most popular Chinese gambling lucky symbols: #1 Pinyin-Chinese lucky symbols The Pinyin is the most popular in China One of the good luck symbols of welcome; it means good luck, or good luck. The power of this ancient Chinese symbol is still very strong. During the Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year, the blessing symbol is hung on the front door, bringing good luck, happiness and prosperity. This practice began in the Zhou Dynasty in 256 BC. C. Prevent the goddess of poverty from visiting and living in your home. Nowadays, artists often draw blessing symbols in black ink calligraphy on red paper and leave them at home as feng shui symbols that attract positive energy. You will also see these beautiful symbols of good luck as jewelry, usually in the form of pendants and pendants. They are usually the first choice of players because they are the easiest to wear. According to feng shui beliefs, cats are generally considered bad omen in Chinese mythology, unless they are golden cats. Obtaining a golden cat statue means changing from an event that could have been very unfavorable to an event with encouraging results. Generally speaking, it symbolizes resisting evil and transforming evil into good. In Feng Shui, the statues on both sides of the cat are unusual symbols of abundance, good luck, and protection. One side of the statue depicts a smiling cat raising its paws, intended to attract wealth, good luck, and good fortune, while the other side depicts a frown with a broom, symbolizing that by avoiding troubles, troubles, and bad luck protect yourself. #3 Oranges In Feng Shui art, oranges are considered to be fruits with rich yang energy. The yang is exhilarating, bright and full of energy, just like the sun at noon. The color, fragrance, and taste of oranges often make people happy and sometimes even energetic, which stems from their feng shui foundation. Just like coins, this is why they are considered one of the most popular gambling lucky charms in China. Oranges are often used to clear space, replacing stagnant or negative energy with happiness, positivity and vitality. To allow this positive energy to flow in your home, you can put a bowl of fresh oranges on the counter, or bring one if you want to bring good luck. As we all know, players carry an orange (sometimes several) when playing card games. Or the gambling hall wish you good luck, or use decorations with orange pictures to bring wealth, abundance and good luck to your วิธีเล่นสล็อต game.

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