Wader 0.3.6 released!

Overview of changes since Wader-

This is a new minor stable release of Wader. List of changes:

  • wader-core
    • DNS update mechanisms have been harmonized, see #154. On Ubuntu hardy, wader-core does not depend on resolvconf anymore as it causes conflicts with the stock NetworkManager.
    • New device supported: Novatel MC990D
    • Start and restart scripts merged into one: wader-core-ctl
  • wader-gtk
    • Fix PUK/PUK2 handling, see #148
    • Make sure profiles work with new GConf-DBus see #144
  • wader-doc
    • Documentation migrated to Sphinx and revised
    • wader-doc is no longer built by default, thus saving us from maintaining many, buggy, dependencies. If you want to build it yourself, install the python-sphinx package and run “make html” inside the doc directory.

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