Wader 0.3.5 released!

Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.3

  • wader-core
    • DBusDevicePlugin merged into DevicePlugin
    • Separate better the ModemManager and Wader exceptions
    • get_radio_status return value fixed
    • Some fixes for hotplugging events
    • Some Huawei fixes
    • Do not use os.system but subprocess.call instead
    • Set a registering lock to avoid multiple attempts of registration
    • Add the U1900 band
    • Initial (untested) implementation of org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.Simple interface
    • Device creation time has been reduced
    • Fix “undefined reference to ser” while probing ports
    • Unused stuff removed
    • WVDIAL: Use either the ‘Connected’ string or the DNS info to ack that we are connected.
    • Get rid of python-axiom
  • wader-gtk
    • Many, many profile-related bugs fixed
    • Only ask for profile when self.profile is None
    • Ctrl+Q accelerator added to log window
    • Stop throbber if device is not present
    • Remove standard gtk symbols from translation
    • Handle gracefully exception in SetBand and SetConnectionMode
    • Use translated strings for mode changes

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