Wader 0.3.3 released!

Overview of changes since Wader-0.3.2

  • wader-core
    • Fix initialization routine so it bails with cards that insist on replying SimBusy to +CPBR=? commands. Next time is necessary will be requested again and will succeed.
    • Use PDP context in HSO dialer
    • Only enable/disable radio if necessary
    • Some wvdial fixes make it more robust
    • Cleanup CGMM response if echo was enabled
    • The ZTE family received some love and the log wont be filled up with their unsolicited notifications
    • Fix dialup with Option GTM378, it must use the hso dialer.
    • Better responsiveness in network registration state machine
  • wader-gtk
    • only enable PIN/PUK if what user entered is meaningful
    • new wader icon
    • make sure bytes are resetted

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